I have been wanting to write this blog post for quite sometime, matter of fact probably a couple of years.  Truth be told I just wasn’t ready to lay out my heart.  As I am writing this, I feel the lump in my chest and tears swelling up.  At this time 5 years ago little did I know my life would be forever changed.  On March 13, 2008, God gave my husband and I a precious gift, it was a beautiful daughter.  We named her Hannah, which means grace or favor.  Two weeks after Hannah was born we found out she had a fatal disease, cystic fibrosis.  Of course we began researching and started seeing specialist.  Honestly, my husband and I were pretty devastated with everything we read on the internet.  Life expectancy just a few decades ago, was 5 years old.  It is now 39.  Medicine has come along way, and we are very thankful for that.  We had no idea what life was going to look like for her.  We have hoped for the best, but the fear of the worse is always there.  I am so thankful my husband and I have a close relationship with God.  I honestly do not know how people go through life without God.

Cystic Fibrosis is a very complicated disease.  It affects the lungs and digestive system mainly, but can affect numerous organs.  Hannah has not had many problems with her lungs, but she does have complete malabsorption.  She currently takes 8 different medicines daily, one of which is 17 pills daily for eating, and 2 rounds of breathing treatments.  Because of her malabsorption, she has to eat very high fatty foods so she can keep some weight on her body.  Doctors have linked BMI directly to lung function.  Once there is damage in her lungs it becomes almost impossible to reverse.  So it is very important for her weight to stay at a certain level.  On top of that, she hardly has an appetitie.  So I end up feeding her the necessary meals.   Every 3 months we have to take her to see a specialist in Houston.  This consists of a 3 hour doctor visit, where we see a team of doctors and nurses.   At each visit they do a culture to see if anything is growing in her lungs that could cause damage.  Last summer, she grew a harmful bacteria that was rather scary for a while.  We were able to treat it with an inhaled antibiotic.  So each visit at the specialist there is a scare that something could be going on in her lungs.  We are very thankful it has only happened once and it was treatable.

You see what I have shared is the reason I am a photographer.  After Hannah was born I knew that I wanted to capture every moment in her life, but I also knew I had to find a way to make money to help my husband with the finances and be able to stay at home and take care of Hannah.  The medicines are extremely expensive and insurance doesn’t cover everything.  Photography for me didn’t start out as a hobby, it started as a passion to capture not only my daughter’s life but the lives of others.  I truly believe God dropped the passion for photography in my heart for my Hannah.  Hannah is so full of life, she really is someone special.  She has an extremely tender heart and wants to serve and please others.  Hannah is truly beautiful inside and out.

Here is a recent photo of my precious Hannah that is about to be 5 years old…